UK Child Benefit Changes 2024 – Check the Payout Amount & Eligibility!

The government pays child benefits, and if a parent or guardian has an eligible child, they are the only ones who can apply. Child benefit, which is worth £25.60 per week for the first child and £16.95 for each additional kid, begins to be withheld from families when one parent makes more than £60,000 per year. 

UK Child Benefit Changes 2024 

Child benefit provides the availability of national insurance credits and additional financial support to parents and guardians to help them care for their young children. However, if your income exceeds a specific threshold, you may be charged with a high-income penalty. 

Families with a single parent or as the primary breadwinner are penalized because the system currently bases it on the income of the household’s highest earner. 

It used to be completely taken away if one parent made more than £60,000. This is now worth £80,000 more. It will not be lowered until one parent’s income surpasses £60,000, having previously only been £50,000. 

The High Income Child Benefit Charge results in lower payments. The entire sum is available to a household with two parents earning £60,000, or a total household earnings of £120,000. However, if a single parent in the home makes slightly more than £60,000, their child benefit will be decreased, and if they make more than £80,000, it will be eliminated. 

Who is eligible for UK Child Benefit Changes 2024? 

Kid benefit is payable to you if you are the parent of a kid who is:

  • Under 16
  • Under 20 if they continue their authorized course of study or training

It increased to £25.60 weekly for the oldest or only child, up from £24, and £16.95 weekly for smaller children, up from £15.90, as of April 6, 2024. Normally, every four weeks, child benefit is deposited into a designated bank account. 

However, you may get the money every week if you are a single parent or if you get certain additional benefits like universal credit. Using the government calculator, you can figure out how much child benefit you might currently be eligible for. 

What are the required documents to apply for UK Child Benefit Changes 2024? 

As soon as a child moves in with you or 48 hours after the birth is officially registered, you can start collecting child benefits. Up to three months’ worth of payments may be retroactively applied if you file a claim later. 

Interested individuals can file a Claim via phone, mail, or the internet. To file a claim you need some supporting documents that are listed below. 

  • The birth or adoption certificate for your child. 
  • Information from your building society or bank. 
  • Your number for national insurance (NI). 
  • If you have one, your spouse’s National Insurance number. 

How to apply for UK Child Benefit Changes 2024? 

If you fulfill the eligibility requirements and possess all the necessary documents then there’s no need to worry. We provided you a step-by-step guide that can help you to file a valid claim for UK child benefit changes 2024. 

  • Navigate to the website. 
  • Locate and Hit the Start Now button in the Making a Claim online session. 
  • Sign in or create an account with the help of a password and mail address. 
  • Enter all the details in the required sessions one by one. 
  • Attach all the required documents if needed. 
  • Select the payment receiving method from the available choices. 
  • Verify the information that you entered after that and submit your claim form. 

When and How much you will get from UK Child Benefit Changes 2024? 

According to HMRC, millions of families that claim Child Benefit will begin receiving enhanced payments automatically on April 6, 2024. Families with a single child would now get up to £1,331 a year, an increase of £83.20, and each subsequent child will receive up to £881 annually, an increase of £54.60. 

Families can claim an unlimited number of children. For the first or only kid, families are going to get £102.40 every four weeks (£25.60 per week), and for each additional child, they will receive £67.80 every four weeks (£16.95 per week).

Families who have active claims do not need to get in touch with HMRC because their bank accounts will continue to receive the enhanced benefit payment.

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