Centrelink $500 Payment 2024 – Eligibility, Deadline to Claim, How to apply?ji

The Family Energy Rebate was created to assist some households that receive the Family Tax Benefit payment from Services Australia and have dependent children in paying their power costs. For the 2024 fiscal year, if you qualify, you can get an energy rebate ranging from $180 to $500.

Centrelink $500 payment 2024 

To help thousands of Australian households deal with the skyrocketing cost of living, the $500 National Energy Bill Relief Household Payment is a one-time payment that will be available in 2024. This contribution, which will be made all at once, is a component of a larger initiative to assist with energy expenses. 

Over the last two years, electricity costs have increased by 30–40% even while wholesale prices have decreased by 44–64% during that time. But assistance is on its way. A $500 one-time payment from the government and a nearly $200 energy refund are offered to qualified applicants for the Family Tax Benefit.

The state government can accept applications through June 16 of this year, so there is not much time left to apply.

Who is eligible for Centrelink’s $500 payment in 2024?

The following conditions must be met for you to be eligible for the Centrelink payment 2024:

  • You must be a resident of New South Wales. 
  • Applicants must have a power account for their NSW residence.
  • You must be an account holder (The account as well as the bill must be in your name).
  • During the previous fiscal year, you were eligible for the Family Tax Benefit and you have:
  • Filed your tax return with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) for the most recent fiscal year, and
  • Confirm with Centrelink your eligibility for Family Tax Benefit
  • When you submit your application, you will also need to provide your Services Australia Customer Reference Number, your energy account details, and a confirmation letter from Services Australia confirming that your Family Tax Benefit has been finalized for the previous financial year.  

How to apply for Centrelink’s $500 payment in 2024? 

To apply for the $500 National Energy Bill Relief Household Payment, you should follow these steps:

  • Go to the https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/ webpage. 
  • Log in to your MyGov account.
  • Navigate to the Centrelink section.
  • Look for the payment application options and select the National Energy Bill Relief Household Payment.
  • Complete the application form with the required details such as name, address, email, phone, etc. 
  • Attach the required documents if needed. 
  • Verify your details and then Submit your application.

Is there any deadline for this payment? 

The application deadline for the $500 National Energy Bill Relief Household Payment can vary by state and territory. For example,  the application deadline for the New South Wales family energy rebate is 16 June 2024 at 11 p.m. 

If you do not receive a NSW energy rebate and are eligible for the National Energy Bill Relief payment then you can submit your Applications till 30 June 2024. However, it’s important to check the specific deadline for your area as it may differ. 

You can find this information on the official government or energy provider’s website, or by contacting Centrelink directly. They will provide the most accurate and current details regarding the application deadline for the $500 payment. 

When will you expect to receive your Centrelink $500 payment in 2024?

When you file for Centrelink’s $500 payment then you should wait till your application is under process. The processing of applications may take four to six weeks, according to the NSW government. 

Once your application is processed, the payment will be applied as a credit to your energy bill rather than being paid directly into your bank account. It’s important to ensure that your details are up-to-date in your MyGov and Centrelink profiles to avoid any delays. 

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