Canada Carbon Rebate CCR Payment Date and Province-wise Amount

Four times a year, on April 15, June 15, October 15, and January 15, the Canada Carbon Rebate is paid. You must have electronically submitted your tax return by March 15, 2024, to be eligible for the payment on April 15, 2024. 

Canada Carbon Rebate

April 15, June 15, October 15, and January 15 are the four dates on which the CCR is paid annually. You should get your next CCR payment on April 15, 2024, if you submit your taxes online by March 15, 2024. On average, you should get your CCR payment 6–8 weeks after your tax return has been processed if you submit it after March 15, 2024.

A tax-free sum known as the Canada Carbon Rebate (formerly called the Climate Action Incentive Payment, or CAIP) is provided to qualified individuals and families to assist them defray the expense of the federal pollution price. It is divided into a base amount and an additional amount for those living in small and rural towns.

How much Is the CCR?

About 12 million Canadians received refunds from the carbon tax in January 2024, totaling about $2.3 billion. Your province and the number of eligible individuals living in your home determine how much CCR you get.

Below is a summary of each quarterly payment’s current base amount and what it looks like for a family of four (two adults and two children):

Province Individual Spouse/Common-law partner Per child under 19 First child in a single-parent family Quarterly/Annual rebate for a family of four
Alberta $225 $112.50 $56.25 $112.50 $450/$1,800
Manitoba $150 $75 $37.50 $75 $300/$1,200
New Brunswick $95 $47.50 $23.75 $47.50 $190/$760
Newfoundland/ Labrador $149 $74.50 $37.25 $74.50 $298/$1,192
Nova Scotia $103 $51.50 $25.75 $51.50 $206/$824
Ontario $140 $70 $35 $70 $280/$1,120
PEI $110 $55 $27.50 $55 $220/$880
Saskatchewan $188 $94 $47 $94 $376/$1,504

Due to their dependency on fossil fuels and lack of access to greener alternatives, people living outside of metropolitan centers are additionally granted a 20% basic amount supplement for rural areas. (The rural addition was 10% of the basic amount before April 1, 2024.) 

Accordingly, a family of four in Bragg Creek, Alberta (population 432 in 2021) would earn $2,160 a year in rebates, compared to a household of four in Calgary, which would receive $1,800.

How to apply for the Canada Carbon Rebate?

The government uses last year’s income tax records to determine eligibility, so most people are not required to apply. (An additional justification for filing your tax return on time.) You will get your CCR payments via direct deposit if that is how you receive your tax refunds.

  • Canadian residents: You do not need to apply; nevertheless, you must file your income taxes annually. The person who files their taxes first receives the money in families with spouses or common-law partners. Residents of tiny and rural localities may claim a supplement by filing an income tax return.
  • New Canadian residents are required to apply by sending the necessary paperwork to the tax center, with different forms needed for individuals who have children or don’t.

You must apply for the CCR if you are a recent immigrant to Canada. Complete Forms RC66 and RC66SCH if you are a parent to apply for all family and child benefits. Complete Form RC151 to apply for both the GST/HST and CCR advantages if you are childless.

Who qualifies for the Canada Carbon Rebate?

To qualify for the CCR, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • In the month before the payment, you were a resident of Canada.
  • You live in one of the following provinces: Saskatchewan, Ontario, PEI, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, or Nova Scotia.
  • You are at least 19 years old. (If you are under 19 and you live with your kid or have a spouse or common-law partner, you are eligible.)

If each of the following holds, you have an eligible child:

  • Your youngster is not yet nineteen years old.
  • You live with your kid. (If you split custody, you will get half of the benefit.)
  • You have the primary responsibility for your child’s care and upbringing.
  • The GST/HST credit or the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is already recorded for your child.

Only one of you may get the family payment if you have a spouse or common-law partner. Whoever submits their taxes first receives the CCR. It makes no difference who files first since the payout is the same regardless of income. Even in cases when there is no income to declare, both spouses or common-law partners must submit their income tax returns since the CCR is based on your household.

How does the CCR Work?

All eligible Canadians get the CCR on April 15, June 15, October 15, and January 15 of each year. The number of persons living in your home and the province in which you reside determine your eligibility. For those who live in tiny and rural towns, there is an additional compensation. All you have to do is submit your income tax each year; there’s no need to apply for the CCR.

About 80% of Canadians, according to the Parliamentary Budget Office, gain more in refunds than they do in carbon tax payments. The carbon tax is intended to incentivize consumers to adopt less polluting fuel sources, such as using public transport or purchasing a hybrid automobile. This is the rationale for both the carbon tax and rebate. 

You get the refund even though you only pay the tax when you buy fossil fuels. As a result, you will get a larger return and be able to save more money on fossil fuels. Not your gasoline expenses; rather, the refund is meant to offset the difference in cost associated with carbon pollution pricing, or the amount of your fuel bill that is allocated to taxes.

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  1. So if you don’t get your t4s from government agencies til the end of the month in March you have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get the ccr? Tell me how is this helping the ppl that really need it…

  2. Are not taxes due April 30th? This “Must be done by March 15” will not have been seen by many. This is a dirty trick, once again.

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  4. Why does bc not get carbon tax rebate? Im a senior 21.000.00 a year and did my income tax end of february but have not received rebate

  5. Well taxes were in before March 15th and still have not received the carbon tax is the government sleeping or have they not put all of them out yet. The incentive was if you had your taxes done by March 15th you got it on April 15th well this is the 18th and still have not received it in my bank.

  6. I had an amount owing for 2023 taxes and the carbon rebate was applied to the amount owing. However, I paid the amount owing when I received my notice of assessment and now I have a credit with CRA. How do I get that credit?


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